IT support WilmingtonNetwork security monitoring is a critical component in a company's security strategies. Cyberattacks continue to increase rapidly, and monitoring the network traffic is one way of detecting these attacks early and preventing further damage. For guaranteed protection against cyberattacks, you need a reliable IT support provider in Wilmington to help you safeguard your whole company.

The Power of Proactive Network Security Monitoring

In the past, network monitoring was limited to verifying the flow of data and detecting bottlenecks--- that is no longer the case with the current systems. Modern network monitoring offers access to a wealth of data that can offer clues to suspicious activity that could signal an underway cyberattack.

Large companies are investing a lot of money into network monitoring technologies. This technology allows security experts to track where network traffic is moving from and to, which devices are involved, and what data is going to outside IP addresses. This information allows for proactive network security monitoring.

The Challenges of Network Security Monitoring

Of course, there are challenges when it comes to implementation of this type of security monitoring:

  • Many networks have blind spots - Networks often evolve over time, with additional trunks being added to the original backbone. The way the trunks connect can affect the ability of network monitoring software to work properly. Finding where these blind spots are and correcting the problem requires time and resources that some organizations do not have or are not willing to spend.
  • Communication issues occur between security and operations - The network security team is usually separate from the operations team. If these two groups do not work together all the time, communication of threats can be delayed or lost. This organizational issue needs to be addressed at the management level.
  • Getting the right data at the right time is difficult - Many cyberattacks work by stealth. There is no clear flow of traceable data to an external address. There are intermittent bursts of data without predictable patterns. Catching these stealthy bursts of data can be difficult because of the ton of network data flowing constantly.
  • Investing in the right technology is expensive - This is one of the biggest challenges for small to medium businesses. The best technology for network security monitoring can be outside the budget for smaller businesses. Nevertheless, it is a critical part of securing the business, and every business owner should invest in it.

Getting Network Security Monitoring for Your Business

More and more businesses are now seeing the value in proactive network security monitoring. However, for small to medium businesses, the cost and resources required may be too much. It is for this reason that bringing IT support experts in Wilmington on board makes sense.

When you bring in a managed service provider, you get all the tools that big businesses use without all the costs involved. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly price for the support, which includes the proactive monitoring software. It allows SMBs to secure their networks just as big businesses do without straining their resources.

If you want to learn more about hiring a managed service provider, contact our experts at Partners Plus, Inc. We can help you understand the benefits of hiring IT support in Wilmington, as well as help you with network security monitoring at an affordable fee. Contact us to learn more on network security monitoring.