IT support PhiladelphiaThere are numerous threats to network and data security for modern businesses. Recently, there have been numerous reports of data losses through hacking, malware, and natural disasters. Consider a reliable IT support provider in Philadelphia to make sure that your company has a disaster recovery plan. By evaluating the risks and setting up a disaster recovery plan, you can prevent unexpected downtime, financial losses, and loss of customer trust. Here are the most important things to look for if you are choosing disaster recovery services for the first time.

Data Backup Solutions

When looking for disaster recovery solutions, you should ensure that there are reliable backup protections in place. It is critical for every business that processes digital data to have their data backed up and secured in the cloud. While you might have onsite redundancies for company files and general information, the cloud gives you the benefit of offsite storage. This option is favorable because your data will be shielded from offsite storage, damage or physical infiltration.

Also, cloud backup is secure; your data will always be encrypted whether in transit or at rest. Additionally, if the data is backed up in the cloud, you will be able to access it even if the physical business space is destroyed. In simple terms, you will be able to access the stored information from another location. This will both ease and speed up the recovery of data, applications, and processes.

Disaster Recovery Specialists

You should inquire about the availability of specialists when looking for a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions from an IT support provider in Philadelphia. BDR plans are only valuable if they can be executed properly in the event of an emergency. You should have experienced technicians with whom you can liaise after a disaster. These experts should be well-versed with your network as well as your general operational setup.

Emergency Response Plan

You should make sure that your managed services provider can provide clear disaster recovery plans for your business. A disaster recovery plan can be defined as the documented procedures which should be undertaken in the event of a hacking attack or other incidents causing damage to the network. These procedures should be recorded in advance for immediate action during emergencies. Often, BDR strategies fail due to the lack of an action framework, so you should discuss these details with your MSP.

Plan Review and Updates

When choosing your disaster recovery solution, you should inquire about the policies on reviewing the BDR plan. The documented strategy should not be a static resource because it is not all-powerful. When you carry out significant changes to your network, the original course of action might become invalid. You should make sure that your MSP will perform regular reviews of the plan and update the procedures outlined.

Without reliable backup and disaster recovery services from an experienced IT support provider in Philadelphia, your business will experience unscheduled downtime and unnecessary losses after a disaster. If you would like to start protecting your business, consult our experts at Partners Plus, Inc.